Thank you for your interest in our Halal Financing opportunity!

Here is how it works:

- Our financing group purchases the property and sells it back to you immediately with a Contract for Deed at a set price.

- The Contract for Deed is a 5 year term.

- At the end of the 5th year, you will be required to payoff the remaining equity or renew your Contract for Deed under new terms based on the current market rates.

- You can payoff the balance anytime or refinance to a traditional loan.

- Each monthly payment you make goes straight to paying off the equity.

- There are NO Interest payments.

- Once you payoff all the equity, we will transfer the Deed of the property to you, at which point you will own the property free and clear.

- You will be responsible for maintaining the property, property taxes, and property insurance.

How to Qualify:

- You will need a 20% down payment. If you only have 20%, extra fees will apply.

- You will need to have proof of your down payment.

- You will need to provide 1 years of tax returns, recent bank statements, and ID. Additional information may be required.

Finding a Property:

- If you do not have a Realtor, we'd be happy to help!

- If you already have a Realtor, your Realtor will help you find the right property and write the contract with our financing group's approval.

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